Storm Internet launches rural residential internet phone service

OTTAWA – June 15, 2016 — Storm Internet Services, a leading provider of rural high-speed internet in Ontario, announced today the launch of a residential internet phone service using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Canadians in rural areas are increasingly becoming connected consumers. They are seeking affordable and reliable alternatives to traditional communications at their homes, cottages and farms.  These consumers are driving the demand for high-speed internet connections in this digital evolution of rural communities. This demand has now evolved to the transition from a traditional home phone to a (VOIP) internet phone service that uses this same high-speed internet connection. Storm is committed to powering connections in rural areas previously underserved, and recognizes the importance of connecting all communities.

Storm is making this transition simple and seamless for rural consumers. Enhanced phone features and functionalities will be available at a fraction of the cost of traditional home phones. Consumers can continue to use their phone without any change in dialing, sound or clarity. In most cases, consumers will be able to keep their existing telephone number. The use of a simple Storm ATA adapter plugged into a home phone jack, will make digital calling more accessible and affordable than ever before.

“Storm Internet is proud to power the connections in rural communities by offering a high quality internet phone service that ties seamlessly into our rural high-speed internet services,” stated Avedis Menechian, CEO, Storm Internet. “This home phone service will allow our customers to connect like never before, with a highly reliable calling experience backed by the local customer support they have come to expect from Storm.”

Storm’s customers will also benefit from discounted bundle offers, a simple single supplier bill and access to Storm’s experienced local customer service team.  The evolution in rural communications is here, and Storm Internet is proud to power the connections throughout our communities.

About Storm Internet

As one of Ontario’s leading rural internet service providers, Storm Internet has focused on continuous innovation and customer-driven service since 1996.  Storm powers reliable rural high-speed internet connections to both residential and small business customers in Ontario and Quebec, covering over 8,000 square kilometers of the Ottawa Valley and beyond.

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Avedis Menechian, CEO

Storm Internet


2015 Canada Army Run

On the morning of Sunday, September 20, 2015, the 2015 Canada Army Run took place.  It’s a 5km run that supports Soldier On and the Military Families Fund. These charitable organizations provide support to ill and injured soldiers on their road to recovery, and to military families who are faced with unforeseen and often immediate needs due to conditions of service. Over 14,500 runners were in the 5km race.  A few of the Storm employees ran the 5K race in supporting this great event!


Chesterville Fair – Powered by Storm

The 2015 Chesterville Fair will keep its patrons well connected with free WiFi, and that should make it easier than ever for fairgoers to compete for $500 in the new Instagram Scavenger Hunt contest that reaches its climax on the fairgrounds this weekend.

No password is required to log on.

The free WiFi comes courtesy  of locally connected company Storm Internet — supplier of wireless service to such other outdoor events as RBCBluesfest, Folkfest and Shania Twain’s last Ottawa concert.

Established in 1996, Storm Internet is headquartered in the nation’s capital  but also maintains a support and sales office in Chesterville, home of the firm’s co-owner and chair, Birket Foster.

The Fair is being fed with wireless signal via Storm’s tower located at Foster’s other Chesterville firm, MB Foster Associates, on Main Street. Five temporary “access points”set up on the fairgrounds will seamlessly distribute the wireless connection to visitors’ smart phones and other devices. “Which will give good coverage to the site,” says Foster of the high-speed service.

It’s the first time the Fair has been blanketed with free WiFi.

The tech entrepreneur explains that this brings new possibilities to the event. Available WiFi opens up the fun Instagram contest to more people — including youngsters without data-capable cell phones but who do possess WiFi-ready tablets and iPods. It also at least raises the possibility that some vendors could more easily offer credit card or Interac payment for those many folks out there who no longer carry cash.

Admission at the Fair gate is still cash only this year (Sunday is free, of course) but Chesterville Agricultural Society director Dan Gasser says the board is likely to disucss adding electronic payment methods in future —because WiFi makes it easier to achieve.

In another technological innovation better enabled with available WiFi, QR codes will be posted around this year’s Fair and linked back to the event’s official online schedule,

Foster says it’s all about helping the local Fair while rising awareness about Storm.

“It’s something that’s going to benefit the Fair, but it does give Storm some visibility as well,” he says, acknowledging that not everyone in the community has heard of the firm despite its nearly 20-year presence in the marketplace. “It allows the Fair to offer free WiFi to people, and we hope this will help people learn about Storm.”

The company installs about four new wireless Internet connections for residential and business customers in the countryside around Chesterville on a daily basis, he says. Storm operates a network of towers in the region, with a number of antennas also placed on local farmers’ silos to ensure better coverage in the countryside.

Free WiFi from Storm Internet will even save competitors from eating up data on their cellular plan, as they engage in the final hunt phase on the fairgrounds.

RBC Bluesfest – Powered by Storm

RBC Bluesfest, now in its 21st year, will draw more than 300,000 fans and offer 200 performances. This popular outdoor music festival which takes place at Lebreton Flats, Ottawa, is powered by local firm Storm Internet for the 5th consecutive year. Storm Internet will provide audiences, musicians and vendors with fast and reliable internet and wireless (WIFI) services.


 Storm Internet services are essential to our ability to make the festival run successfully at our landmark outdoor venue,” said RBC Bluesfest Director of Operations Mike Rouleau.


RBC Bluesfest, now in its 21st year, will draw more than 300,000 fans and offer 200 performances from July 8 – July 16, 2015. This popular outdoor music festival which takes place at Lebreton Flats, Ottawa, is powered by local firm Storm Internetfor the 5th consecutive year.  Storm Internet will provide audiences, musicians and vendors with fast and reliable internet and Wifi services

Festival goers will enjoy ease of entry into the site with the scanning of electronic wristbands.  Throughout the festival site, multiple video screens will broadcast band performances for an enhanced entertainment experience.  Audiences can also make purchases from local festival vendors, all of which will be powered by Storm Internet.

The local internet firm has been a part of RBC Bluesfest since 2011.  This year, Storm Internet is providing between 35 and 40 points of presence across the festival site.  Although RBCBluesfest was the original customer for the event, Storm Internet’s client base has expanded  to include several sponsors and suppliers which have also purchased feeds to power their business on site.

“Storm Internet services are essential to our ability to make the festival run successfully at our landmark outdoor venue,” said RBC BLUESFEST Director of Operations, Mike Rouleau.

Storm Internet’s wireless capability means that festival operators are not required to lay thousands of feet of cable, which can be severed or cause a safety concern for the multitude of festival goers.

During the festival, if any point of connection approaches maximum bandwidth, Storm’s on site team or back-end staff can customize the bandwidth capacity to ensure the festival gets the power it needs.

“Festivals and concerts are an important part of our strategy to enhance the customer experience on site ,” said Storm Internet CEO Avedis Menechian.  Our WIFI and internetservices can further enhance their home experience by allowing them to download music and videos or upload their photos with lightning speed.”

RBC Bluesfest is the largest, but certainly not the only music festival that Storm Internet powers with WiFi connectivity.  Their impressive roster now includes outdoor experiences such as the Shania Twain concert at Wesley Clover Park in Ottawa, CityFolk (formerly Ottawa Folk Festival), Ottawa Fringe Festival, HOPE Beach Volleyball Tournament, and many more.

About Storm Internet

Among Eastern Ontario’s first Internet Services Providers, since 1996 Storm Internet Services has focused on continuous innovation and customer-driven service and support that consistently exceed expectations. Storm serves both resedential and small-to-medium sized business customers in Ontario and Quebec, and provides high-speed access across 8,000 square kilometers of the Ottawa Valley.


Avedis Menechian

CEO, Storm Internet

(613) 567-6585