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Storm Internet offers connections to support all levels and types of business. Our connections are reliable, competitively priced, and can be tailored to meet your business’ needs. We use our expertise to deliver consistent Wi-Fi networks in a range of indoor and outdoor locations. Storm Internet has been working with wireless technology and networks for over 25 years.

Storm Internet also provides the communications environment that you and your business require, a variety of IT and IoT solutions.

From private networks to keep your business secure, to web hosting and domain name services, to commercial grade cameras, the team will implement an innovative solution that’s right for you.

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Get the speeds you need for you and your business.

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DSL connections to support all levels and types of businesses.

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Customized networks with room for growth.

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Cable internet are available in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

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Managed Wi-Fi

We help you configure and remotely manage your Wi-Fi.

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Private Networks

Safeguard your business with resilient & encrypted networks.

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Wireless Hotspots

Can be used indoors/outdoors with a private network solution.

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From a rooftop mount to a 200-ft tower. Call for a site survey.



Storm Internet provides registry services so you can get your favourite domain names (URLs). Whether you are looking to launch a blog or starting your own business venture, you will find a partner in Storm Internet As an added bonus, enjoy having all your internet related services in one convenient spot.

Domain Name Services (DNS)

DNS translates human-friendly domains (example: into IP address (example: that are machine-friendly. Having Storm Internet manage you DNS will provide greater speed and reliability, and help protect against DNS-based attacks.

Network Control Unit (NCU)

Storm Internet customized network control units so that equipment can be remotely configured, managed, and controlled in order to provide superior customer support and up-time. These innovative solutions provide new functionality and seamless device integration.


We offer co-location with a secure and dedicated data centre located in Ottawa, Ontario. Storm Internet offers the necessary power, bandwidth, cooling systems and IP address that our customers require to deploy their server(s). We also provide a managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) if you do not have your own.

Web Hosting

With a range of web hosting plans to choose from,  Storm Internet’s data centre hosting options vary depending on your needs. Some of the features included on our hosting servers are: FTP access, file manager, database access, multi-platform support, email management, and much more!

Network Security

There are a variety of options available from Storm Internet to enhance your network security. Protecting your organization against data loss, phishing, spam, cyber-attacks, and ransomware has never been more important. Talk to your Storm Internet representative to find out more. 


Storm Internet has a variety of options for cameras to meet any need. From security for theft prevention to monitoring your barn and livestock – Storm Internet has you covered. Options include fixed focus cameras, Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, and Programmable Video Recording (PVR) options. A variety of services are also available to enhance camera packages. Ask about alternative compression options that are available to help preserve bandwidth. Our custom and innovative technology solutions are reliable, are commercial grade quality products and are competitively priced.

Site Wi-Fi Audits

Not all buildings are created equally, which means Internet solutions are not a “one size fits all”. Our services will allow you to understand what may be causing interference and a weak connection. The audit will include a heat map that shows where the various signals in your building are coming from, along with what frequencies they are using and the signal strength of each network. Security concerns will also be highlighted, as well as areas with signal leakage. The audit will outline the necessary steps to troubleshoot your network and attain the connections and security you need.

Site Wi-Fi Designs

Depending on the building architecture, as well as the applications and Internet requirements, it may not always be as simple as plugging in your router to have a strong and secure Internet connection. Storm Internet offers Site Wi-Fi designs to ensure you have the network you need. Our team will also ensure you have the appropriate Internet package, including access points (APs) and an Internet plan that can feed the desired bandwidth. Our team of experts will design your network to guarantee your organization is operating at optimal efficiency. Get in touch with a Storm Internet representative today.

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When we started building the Confederation Line I needed to find an ISP that could provide internet services to, not just our offices but also our 15+ site trailers. The timelines were demanding and locations were hard to provide service for. Storm was able to deliver everytime, on time. I can’t think of a better ISP, highly recommended.

Mike K.

IT Manager, OLRT Constructors

The upgrade from a satellite connection to a fiber connection has been a game changer for our business. 

Previously I was unable to download or upload large files without timing out. 

Now, I can upload and download very large files within minutes. Not only is it lightning fast, but it is reliable, we no longer have to worry about weather causing speed slowdowns or complete outages. 

The quality of service of the sales team, customer service and installation team was also second to none. Knowing how important this was for our business, they made sure to get this installed and us online as quickly as possible!

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to get this service outside of a major urban area.


Banks Printing

We have been extremely pleased with their competent, timely and cost effective performance and continue to work on new projects with them. We have very good speeds by rural standards and outages are uncommon. When we have had issues the help desk has been very useful. Often they will have already been alerted to the issue and started diagnosing before we even picked up the phone

Michael S.

Sevita International Corp.

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1760 Courtwood Crescent
Ottawa, ON K2C 2B5

TOLL-FREE: 1-866-257-8676

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