IT for Business

With a variety of IT solutions to choose from, you can rest assured your organization will find a partner in Storm Internet.


Storm Internet is a full-service business providing a variety of IT solutions. From web hosting and domain name service to co-location and network security options, you will find an innovative IT solution to take your business to the next level.

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Storm Internet provides registry services so you can get your favourite domain names (URLs). Whether you are looking to launch a blog or starting your own business venture, you will find a partner in Storm Internet. As an added bonus, enjoy having all your Internet related services in one convenient spot!


Domain Name Services (DNS)

DNS translates human-friendly domains (example: into IP addresses (example: that are machine-friendly. Having Storm Internet manage your DNS will provide greater speed and reliability, and help protect against DNS-based attacks.

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Network Control Unit (NCU)

Storm Internet customizes network control units so that equipment can be remotely configured, managed, and controlled in order to provide superior customer support and up-time. These innovative solutions provide new functionality and seamless device integration.

Co-Location for Business


We offer co-location with a secure and dedicated data centre located in Ottawa, Ontario. Storm Internet offers the necessary power, bandwidth, cooling systems and IP address that our customers require to deploy their server(s). We also provide a managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) if you do not have your own.

Web Hosting for Business

Web Hosting

With a range of web hosting plans to choose from,  Storm Internet’s data centre hosting options vary depending on your needs. Some of the features included on our hosting servers are: FTP access, file manager, database access, multi-platform support, email management, and much more!

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Network Security

There are a variety of options available from Storm Internet to enhance your network security. Protecting your organization against data loss, phishing, spam, cyber-attacks, and ransomware has never been more important. Talk to your Storm Internet representative to find out more.  


Storm Internet has provided exceptional service to customers for more than 25 years, with three locations to serve you. We continue to update our technology and services to bring you better speeds and more powerful networks. As an added bonus, we never outsource our support calls; our team of expert technicians are members of the local community just like you! Below are just some of the many reasons why thousands of customers have chosen Storm Internet. 

Locally Owned & Operated

Our services and support calls are handled by local Storm Internet employees and never outsourced to an overseas call centre.

Superior Customer Service

Rediscover customer service with Storm Internet. Our team of experts work hard to ensure we deliver what we promise.

Flexible Plans

We customize plans to suit your business needs.

Competitive Pricing

We provide a reliable connection with amazing customer service at affordable prices. Get more for your money with Storm Internet.

Varied Internet Options

Storm Internet offers more choices, in more places. Ranging from DSL, Fibre, Wireless, or Cable, with a variety of customized network options.


Customized Solutions

We understand that there is no “one size fits all” solution, which is why with Storm Internet you have the ability to customize your plans to include everything you need.

Community Involvement

We strive to give back to the communities that we serve. If there is an event you think we should be a part of, get in touch with us! 

Reliable Networks & Services

Our networks are continuously monitored to ensure operation uptimes are high and downtimes are minimal.

Innovative Technologies

We work hard to keep our technologies innovative and current to bring you the best quality services and reliable networks.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Customers

With Storm Internet, the speed you sign up for is what you get! Unlike other ISPs, we DO NOT throttle to regulate network traffic. We understand that our customers want internet that is both affordable and reliable, while also providing superior customer service. 

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