VoIP Home Phone

It’s the new way to stay connected to friends and family while saving money on your traditional phone bills.


VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol, also commonly referred to as phone service over the internet, or digital phone. All you need is a Storm Internet connection, a phone, and the Storm Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to connect both of these pieces of equipment.

Digital Home Phone Canada


Unlimited Canada Wide


Free unlimited local calling


Unlimited Canada-wide long distance plan (1)


E911 service


Call waiting


Call forwarding


Caller ID display

Digital Home Phone Canada & USA


Unlimited Canada & USA Wide


Free unlimited local calling


Unlimited Canada/USA-wide long distance plan (2)


E911 service


Call waiting


Call forwarding


Caller ID display

All prices are subject to applicable taxes.
(1) Excluding Nunavut, Yukon and North West Territories.
(2) See exclusions for Canada as per item 1 above and the US excluding Guam, Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii.

How does VoIP work?

VOIP, combined with the ATA, sends your phone call as data over your Internet connection. Your computer or laptop does not need to be powered on to use your VOIP service, even though it uses an Internet connection. In fact, you can use both your Internet and phone services at the same time. Our VOIP ATA supports multiple phones to make outgoing calls. Your voice sounds as clear as it does with a regular phone. The people you call don’t even need an Internet connection, just their regular phone to receive your calls. Switching your old phone service to Storm Digital Home Phone is simple and seamless!

Digital Home Phone & Quality Connections

  • Easy to set up and install
  • Works with corded or cordless national phone brands
  • keep your existing phone number with porting option

*Requires ATA adapter to connect your digital home phone to your high-speed internet connection

Man sitting at his desk in front of his laptop, while talking on a white corded phone.


What is VOIP?

VOIP is the new way to stay connected to friends and family, while saving money on your traditional phone bills.

VOIP technology was introduced over 15 years ago, but it has only been over the last several years that the high-speed internet service needed to support it has been widely available in Canadian homes, and even more recently in rural areas. Storm is committed to connecting communities in these otherwise under-serviced rural areas.

Switching your old phone service to Storm VOIP is simple and seamless. Your computer or laptop does not need to be on to use your VOIP service, even though it uses an internet connection. In fact, you can use both your internet and phone services at the same time. Our VOIP ATA Adapter also supports multiple phones and devices to make outgoing calls. Your voice sounds as clear as it does with a regular phone. The people you call don’t even need an internet connection, just their regular phone to receive your calls.

What kind of phone do I need?

You can continue to use your regular corded or cordless phone. Just plug your home phone cable connector into the Storm ATA Adapter provided. This box enables your phone to use your Internet connection to make calls to friends and family. There is no difference in the way that your phone rings. Your voice sounds as clear to the person you are calling as with a traditional phone.

How do I save money?

Combining your phone with your existing internet connection, is less expensive than a traditional telephone service from a large phone service supplier. You automatically save on that extra bill cost. Our month-to-month plans start at $18.95 +HST for a full VOIP service for unlimited Canada-wide calling. Now, how does that compare to your current phone bill?

What about Enhanced 911?

E911, or Enhanced 911, is part of the 911 system that automatically ties a location to the call – whether it’s a specific address or coordinates. VOIP 911 service has certain limitations and differences relative to traditional 911 services. Because the phone call is over the internet, the method in which your address is sent to the emergency dispatch works differently, and relies on VOIP subscribers to actively submit accurate and current address information from the location their VOIP phone.

We strongly recommend you read our VOIP 911 Terms and Conditions. These include what to do in case of emergency and how to restore service after a power outage.

How do I port my existing number?

Porting your existing number is easy. The cost to keep your existing home phone number is $35.

Simply notify Storm at the time you place your order. Note that it can take 3-7 business days for the porting of your number.

You will also be able to keep your white page listings, which will need to be updated in future annual directories.

Do I get access to 911 services?

Yes! As a Storm Internet home phone user, you get access to VoIP 911 services. During the application process, you must give Storm Internet consent to use your personal information. Once the application is completed and you have been assigned a phone number and password, you will be provided with a web portal access for entering and changing your personal location information. This information will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate emergency dispatch center, provided that data is accurate and correct, thus allowing you to successfully dial 911 and receive the emergency response services.

What is the difference between VOIP 911 and traditional 911?

The VOIP 911 service that Storm Internet provides has certain limitations relative to the 911 services that are available on most traditional landline telephone services. Your client information is being sent over the internet rather than over a traditional phone line, so a different method is required to send your location information accurately.


With traditional phone services, your 9-1-1 call is sent directly to the nearest emergency response centre. With VOIP phone service, your 9-1-1 call is forwarded to a third-party service provider that will automatically or manually route your call to the emergency response centre.

What should I say to the 911 operator or whomever picks up?

Be prepared to confirm your location and telephone number with the operator who answers the 911 call, since the operator may not have this information. It is also recommended to keep your VOIP provider information handy because if necessary, the central call center can contact them in severe emergency situations. It is also encouraged to not hang up until told to do so, and to call back immediately if you get disconnected.


Do not disconnect your 9-1-1 call until you are told to do so by an emergency dispatcher. If you are inadvertently disconnected, call back immediately.

Is there ever a possibility my 911 service won't work?

VOIP 911 service may not be available during a power outage and will be unavailable during a broadband internet outage.


VOIP phone service depends not only on your continued subscription (and payment) for the service, but also on Internet connectivity and power to function. In the event of power, network, or Internet outages (including congestion), or if your service is disconnected or suspended due to non-payment, you may experience a failure, disruption or delay in your 9-1-1 service. We recommend that you keep an alternative phone service (such as a cellular telephone) handy to increase the reliability of your access to emergency services during any service interruption.

Why is it important to keep my 911 information up-to-date?

Maintaining your account information up-to-date ensures that your location information is kept current with your VOIP service provider. A 911 operator may assume that you are at your last registered address if you are not able to speak during a 911 call. This information is used to accurately connect you to the appropriate emergency response center, and subsequently the appropriate emergency response.


You must immediately inform the emergency operator of your location and contact particulars any time you call 9-1-1 because you can move your VOIP phone between locations and because, for technical reasons, the emergency operator may not have your name, location or contact information available. Do not risk police or ambulance services being sent to the wrong location.

How do I keep my 911 information up-to-date?

As a Storm Internet VOIP service user, your personal and location information can be easily changed by logging into your VOIP Customer Portal. Please note that it is solely your responsibility to keep your personal and location information up to date in your online profile.


Storm will attempt to provide the emergency operator with your service address, so please ensure that your information on file with us is always accurate and updated. If you do not do this (for example, if you are unable to speak during a 9-1-1 call), the emergency operator may assume that you are calling from the last registered address.


You must notify members of your household and other potential users of your VoIP phone service of the nature and limitations of 9-1-1 emergency calls. To make this easier, attach the included stickers in a visible location on your telephone sets.


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