Clayton Fibre Project

Discover how Storm is revolutionizing connectivity in Clayton ON. Delve into our journey to bring fibre technology to the community, enhancing both daily life and local businesses.



Back in 2017, a local visionary from Mississippi Mills, who had successfully championed bringing fibre to Almonte, sparked the idea for the Clayton Fibre Project. He started MM2020—a bold initiative by local volunteers aiming to bring high-speed internet to all residents of Mississippi Mills by 2020. Storm Internet, seeing a golden opportunity to make a real difference, jumped in to fund the first phase. This project wasn’t just about faster internet; it was about transforming Clayton into a connected and future-ready community.

From Vision to Reality

After gaining valuable experience with fibre at the Vars 417 Business Park, Storm was ready to take on the challenge of bringing fibre directly to homes in Clayton. We learned the ropes—everything from integrating fibre into our network to the nitty-gritty of trenching and splicing. Our goal was clear: make sure every home in Clayton could tap into the power of high-speed internet.

Community Life, Upgraded

Before the fibre project, most Clayton homes managed with basic wireless internet that was okay for simple tasks but struggled with more than that. With the new fibre connection, everyone in town could enjoy reliable internet with speeds that let them do much more. Kids could attend online classes without interruptions, parents could work from home smoothly, and everyone could stream movies or play games without buffering issues.

Boosting the Local Economy

This upgrade to fibre wasn’t only good for streaming and surfing; local businesses realized real benefits, too. Fluid Coffee, Banks Printing, and the Clayton General Store all boosted their operations thanks to faster internet, which permitted them to handle online orders better, offer new services, and connect with customers far and wide. It’s been all about giving Clayton the tools to thrive in today’s digital world.

Keeping Up With the World

In rolling out fibre in Clayton, we were aligning with a global move towards better and faster internet. Our fibre project put Clayton on the map as a model of rural internet connectivity.

Ready for Tomorrow

One of the best things about fibre is that it’s built for the future. The technology we’ve put in the ground today can handle even faster speeds tomorrow. As the digital world grows, so can our network, without having to dig everything up again. That means Clayton is set up for whatever new tech comes next, whether that’s smart home gadgets, new ways of working, or yet-to-be-invented tech.

Connecting Clayton

The Clayton Fibre Project is all about making life better here in our community. We’re proud to have played a part in transforming Clayton into a connected, competitive, and tech-savvy place to live and work. Thanks to MM2020 and a lot of hard work, we’re not just dreaming about the future; we’re living it right now. With Storm Internet, Clayton is connected—not just to the internet, but to endless possibilities.



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