Fibre Internet in Middleville, ON 

Fibre Internet is coming to Middleville, ON – Powered by Local Support!
Get ready to experience unparalleled speed and reliability with Storm’s Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) service. Soon, you can enjoy the best in internet technology right in Middleville. We’re more than just a provider—we’re part of your community. Enjoy dedicated local support, and transparent pricing. Sign up now to be among the first to enjoy lightning-fast downloads, seamless streaming, and more.


Choose Storm Internet for transparency and stability—our prices won’t increase every few months like with the Big Guys.

Enjoy a two-year price guarantee with any of our fibre internet packages, ensuring predictable billing. Plus, benefit from our local support. Call us, and a real person answers—no long waits, just immediate, expert assistance. Explore our fibre packages below for dependable, high-speed internet backed by local support you can trust.

Fibre 300

$109.95/month +HST

Enjoy reliable speeds suitable for streaming 4K content, online gaming, and efficient smart home management.


Up to 300 Mbps down


Up to 300 Mbps up


Unlimited data/month

Fibre 500

$119.95/month +HST

Experience speeds that supports multiple 4K video streaming, high-speed gaming, and smooth video conferencing without any lag.


Up to 500 Mbps down


Up to 500 Mbps up


Unlimited data/month

Fibre 1000

$129.95/month +HST

Get maximum bandwidth for multiple 8K streaming, professional-level gaming, and extensive smart home connectivity.


Up to 1 Gbps down


Up to 940 Mbps up


Unlimited data/month

*Prices include a $10 month ONU rental




Start by letting us know that you’re interested in receiving Storm’s FTTP service to your home. Simply fill out the interest form below.


Be cautious of door-to-door sales reps offering contract for fibre internet services. To ensure you get the most reliable and tailored service, wait for Storm Internet’s FTTP, which has a two year price gurantee and no hidden fees.


Once the local fibre infrastructure work is complete, inform us so we can quickly get you connected to Storm’s high-speed internet.

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What is Fibre Internet service?

Fibre Internet service uses fiber optic technology to deliver incredibly fast internet speeds, much faster and more reliable than traditional internet mediums like DSL or cable. This technology converts electrical signals carrying data to light and sends it through transparent glass fibers about the diameter of a human hair.

What is a third-party provider?

A third-party provider, such as Bell, owns and maintains the network infrastructure that delivers services like Fibre Internet. Companies like Storm Internet partner with these providers to resell their services. This arrangement allows us to offer high-quality, reliable internet services under our brand, utilizing the advanced technology and extensive network of a well-established provider to bring top-tier internet connectivity to our customers.

What hardware do I need?

To connect to our Fibre Internet, you will need a compatible router and a media converter, which we provide. For optimal performance, a router that supports high-speed internet connectivity is recommended.

What is the availability timeline for the Fibre to the Home service?

We are currently awaiting confirmation on access from our infrastructure partners. Rest assured, we’re committed to keeping you informed every step of the way and will announce the service’s availability as soon as we have a confirmed date. Stay tuned for updates!

Where do we currently offer fibre?

Our Fibre Internet service is currently available in Ontario where existing fibre infrastructure exists.

How does the Free Installation Promo work?

Our Free Installation Promo is eligible for customers who purchase a router from us and sign up for Storm’s Fibre Internet service with two a year commitment. The promotion covers standard setup only, and additional services may incur charges. Remember, this promo cannot be combined with other offers, and changes to your service plan before installation may void the promotional offer.

How does the Digital Home Phone & Storm TV Bundle work?

Customers subscribing to our Fibre service can add a digital home phone or Storm TV or both and save on their monthly bill. Adding either service saves $5 monthly, and adding both saves $10. These discounts apply to your total bill and continue for as long as you maintain the bundle. Note that additional installation fees may apply, and the offer’s terms may change without notice.

What are the expected benefits compared to current offerings?

Expect to enjoy even more lightning-fast internet speeds, unparalleled reliability, and smoother performance across all your devices. This means instant downloads, seamless streaming of ultra-high-definition content, and lag-free gaming. Additionally, with higher bandwidth your internet connection will effortlessly handle multiple devices at once, ensuring that everyone in your household can enjoy their online activities without interruption.

When is fibre internet coming to my area?

As our third-party provider expands their network, we aim to offer Fibre Internet in more areas. If you’re interested in receiving updates about availability in your area, please fill out our interest form. We will contact you as soon as it becomes available.

What is the regular installation fee and how does it work?

The standard installation fee is $250+HST, however, a $75+HST installation fee would apply if you sign up for a 2 year commitment for our Fibre Internet service.

Where should I place my main connection point?

The main connection point should ideally be placed in a central location in your home to ensure even distribution of your Wi-Fi signal. Consider areas free from obstructions and within a reasonable distance from most devices that will connect to the internet.

Why isn’t my speed what I expected?

Several factors can affect your internet speed, including the placement of your router, the type and number of devices connected, and overall network traffic. To troubleshoot, ensure your router is optimally placed, limit the number of connected devices, or restart your router. If issues persist, please contact our support team for further assistance.

How can I prepare for the upgrade to Fibre to the Home?

Ensure that your contact information is updated with us, so you don’t miss out on any important announcements. Consider evaluating your current internet usage and devices to confirm it’s they are compatible with high-speed fibre internet; most modern devices are, but it’s good to check. Lastly, think about where in your home you’ll want to place your main connection point, as this can affect the overall quality of your in-home internet experience. We will provide more specific guidance as the service launch approaches.

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