Print Shops

Storm Internet provides security system solutions to print shops meant to protect their merchandise, equipment, and manufacturing facilities minimizing production delays and interruptions.


As Canada’s printing industry continues to grow and incorporate new technologies, the need for a reliable Internet connection has never been more important. Storm Internet has innovative solutions to help print organizations overcome difficult challenges such as frequent internet disconnections and network congestion. Our customizable plans allow us to create unique offers to help manage the large volume of device connection requests the print industry faces while also ensuring network stability. Storm Internet also offers cutting-edge camera solutions to monitor and ensure the security of merchandise and shop locations.


Internet Services

Get the locations, speeds, and bandwidth your organization requires with Storm Internet Business Solutions! With plans starting as low as $55 per month with more choices, in more places, than any single telecom vendor! Ranging from DSL, Fibre, Wireless Internet, or Cable with a variety of customized network solutions to ensure you get what you need!

Managed Wi-Fi

For customers requiring a little extra help, external resources for technical support are available. Storm Internet can help configure and remotely manage your wifi connections to ensure as little downtime as possible and help you resolve problems quickly. We supply enterprise-grade wi-fi equipment and the Storm Internet support team.

Private Networks

Safeguard your business, intellectual property, and client information with a resilient and encrypted reliable network. A private connection offers various options such as a guest network, VPN, managed wi-fi, or a customized solution to meet your organization’s every need. Whether you are looking for added security, or to connect multiple sites, Storm Internet has a solution.


Storm Internet has a variety of options for cameras to meet any need, from security for theft prevention to monitoring your barn Storm Internet has a solution. Options include fixed focus and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras, as well as, Programmable Video Recording (PVR). Compression options are available to help preserve bandwidth.

Site Audits & Designs

Not all buildings are created equally, which means Internet solutions are not a “one size fits all”. Storm Internet uses specialized equipment to evaluate your signal strength and Internet security to help you to pinpoint problem areas within your premises. Utilizing our services will also allow you to understand what may be causing interference and weaken your connection.

IT Solutions

Storm Internet offers a variety of IT solutions from co-location to web hosting, to domain name services and security networks, to ensure your business has all it needs to operate efficiently and effectively. Join the thousands of businesses using Storm Internet’s innovative tools, services, and technology to help take their business to the next level.


The upgrade from a satellite connection to a fiber connection has been a game changer for our business. 

Previously I was unable to download or upload large files without timing out. 

Now, I can upload and download very large files within minutes. Not only is it lightning fast, but it is reliable, we no longer have to worry about weather causing speed slowdowns or complete outages. 

The quality of service of the sales team, customer service and installation team was also second to none. Knowing how important this was for our business, they made sure to get this installed and us online as quickly as possible!

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for us to get this service outside of a major urban area.

Natasha C. & Team

Banks Printing Inc.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Customers

With Storm Internet, the speed you sign up for is what you get! Unlike other ISPs, we DO NOT throttle to regulate network traffic.

We understand that our customers want internet that is both affordable and reliable, while also providing superior customer service. 

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