Angella Goran

Join us as we follow along Angella’s journey to the UCI 1-hour world record event!

Over the past couple of years, Angella Goran has been training to beat a world record for indoor cycling. With delays over the past years, she finally made her way done to Mexico this past summer to compete in the UCI 1-Hour World Record.

We are proud of Angella and all that she’s accomplished. In August 2022, she returned to Canada with a Canadian National Elite Women’s Record for indoor cycling! Congrats Angella!

About Angella


Angella Goran – founder of SokJok, first female founder of a Neobank in Canada, and long-time friend of our CEO, Birket Foster.

Her time is devoted to sports, business, and spending time with the local community. Angella founded the company SokJok, a social enterprise where sock sales become a sustainable leadership tool in supporting our youth programs in schools, teams and organizations. After SokJok, she then became the first female founder of a Neobank in Canada, TAPanGO Technologies Inc., specializing in financial services and insurance for anyone in sports at all levels and events. She also does consultations in marketing and communications for health, wellness and fitness.

Angella has been part of the competitive sporting world for over 15 years, competing in events for rowing, triathlons, and currently cycling. She has a passion for sports, and wants to encourage women and young girls to compete in sports!

Angella and Birket are standing outside the Storm Internet Ottawa office. Angella is holding her bike helmet in one hand. They are both posing for the camera.

“My mission is to encourage and create opportunities for more women and young girls to compete in the sport of cycling, whether it be recreationally or competitively.”

Angella Goran is posing for the camera in a gym setting. She has one hand placed on her waist, the other hand is supporting one bike wheel that is resting on her foot.



Storm Internet is proud to announce that we are sponsoring Angella in her journey to a world record for indoor cycling, competing in the UCI 1 Hour World Record attempt in Mexico. Over the next couple of months, we’ll be following her journey on the road to the World Record.

The initial race date was scheduled for May 4th, 2022. Due to the current events in Ukraine, the event has been postponed. The current new date is now scheduled for July 13th, 2022.

By participating in this event, Angella is hoping to not only break the record, but hopes to inspire women and young girls around the world that anything is possible when you put your mind to it!

New Race Date


It’s official! The new race date is August 24th, 2022.

Angella has been in Mexico since July 4th. She has officially begun training in Mexico. Why did she head down a month and a half before the big day? Well, she needs time to adjust to the climate. Coming from Canada, the weather is much different up here!

Angella Goran doing a dumbbell chest press in a gym setting.
TEDx SantaBarbara


Recently, Angella joined Mark Sylvester of TEDx SantaBarbara – Making Waves Conversations, to have a discussion on sports and business. The conversation highlights a better understanding of global financial access and securities, and discusses the difference between “Banked and UnBanked,” among many other things.

Angella Goran and Birket Foster at an Ottawa Sens game. They are sitting in a booth, taking a selfie, smiling for the camera.
Ottawa Senators


It’s safe to say that this pandemic has taken a toll on everyone. As restrictions begin to ease in Ontario, we are looking forward to attending more events in the upcoming months.

Back in March 2022, Birket Foster met up with other industry professionals at an Ottawa Senators game. Among one of the other attendees was Angella Goran. The two were able to catch up and enjoy the game with everyone else. The Sens won the game 3-1 against the Philadelphia Flyers!

Around this time is when it was announced that the event in Mexico has been postponed due to the situation in Ukraine. Angella is part Ukrainian, and fully supports the decision to postpone the event.

An official press release is on it’s way. Keep your eyes, peeled, we will be sharing it on our platforms once it becomes available!

Keep checking back to stay up-to-date on Angella’s journey!

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