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Unlock ultra-fast Fibre Internet in Clayton, ON, designed to elevate your digital experience with unparalleled speeds and unmatched reliability, all with the same great customer service from Storm Internet.


Welcome to Storm’s Fibre Internet, specifically tailored for the Clayton community. Get ready to transform your digital experience with our state of the art Fibre to the Premises service. Whether it’s for work, entertainment, or staying connected with loved ones, we’ve got a package that’s right for you!

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Fibre 300

$109.95/month +HST

Enjoy reliable speeds suitable for streaming HD content, online gaming, and efficient smart home management.


Up to 300 Mbps down


Up to 300 Mbps up


Unlimited data/month

Fibre 500

$119.95/month +HST

Experience enhanced speeds that support 4K video streaming, high-speed gaming, and smooth video conferencing without any lag.


Up to 500 Mbps down


Up to 500 Mbps up


Unlimited data/month

Fibre 1000

$129.95/month +HST

Get maximum bandwidth for ultra-high-definition streaming, professional-level gaming, and extensive smart home connectivity.


Up to 1 Gbps down


Up to 940 Mbps up


Unlimited data/month

*Prices include media converter.
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What are the fees associated with the Fibre Internet service?

All prices quoted are subject to applicable taxes. Monthly service fees include the rental cost of the Storm Internet media converter.

Do I need a site survey to install Storm’s Fibre Internet?

Yes, a site survey by a certified Storm technician is required as part of your sign-up process for Fibre Internet. This ensures that we install your main connection point in the optimal location within your home to maximize internet performance and reliability. The survey will assess factors like the layout of your home, wall materials, and proximity to your primary internet usage areas to determine the best setup for your needs.

How do I arrange for installation?

To set up installation, please contact our Residential Sales team. They’ll guide you through the price, process and help schedule a convenient time for your Fibre Internet installation.

What should I consider before the site survey for Fibre installation?

Prior to the site survey, consider where you typically use the internet most in your home and any areas where you plan to expand usage in the future. This will help the technician identify the best spot for the main connection point to ensure optimal coverage and performance throughout your household. Make sure to clear access to potential installation spots for an efficient survey process.

Where is this service available?

Currently, our fibre service is available exclusively in Clayton, ON. However, we will soon be able to extend our high-speed Fibre services to our customers through third-party fibre lines, If you live outside Clayton and are interested in receiving FTTP when it becomes available in your area, please fill out the interest form here.

The Clayton Fibre Project

Discover the journey behind bringing Fibre Internet to Clayton, ON. Click below to read all about it. 

Spools of Fibre

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