Angella Goran on TEDx SantaBarbara

A long time friend of our CEO, Angella Goran is the first female founder of a Neobank in Canada, founder of SokJok, and an advocate and mentor for women and girls in sports. She’s an outgoing and driven woman from Ottawa, Ontario. Her time is devoted to sports, business, and spending time with the local community. 

Coming up May 4,2022 UCI 1-Hour World Record Attempt

She spent many years in sports, ranging from amateur to elite, including rowing on the Canadian Women’s National Rowing Team, triathlons, and cycling. More recently, she will be competing in the UCI 1-hour World Record attempt on May 4th, 2022, in Mexico. This cycling record was recently broken this past fall. Angella has been continuously training to surpass this most recent record after the pandemic delayed her attempt since 2020. 

Entrepreneurial Heritage

Angella founded the company SokJok, a social enterprise where sock sales become a sustainable leadership tool in supporting our youth programs in schools, teams and organizations. After SokJok, she then became the first female founder of a Neobank in Canada, TAPanGO Technologies Inc., specializing in financial services and insurance for anyone in sports at all levels and events. She also does consultations in marketing and communications for health, wellness and fitness.

TEDx SantaBarbara

Recently, Angella joined Mark Sylvester of TEDx SantaBarbara – Making Waves Conversations, to have a discussion on sports and business. The conversation highlights a better understanding of global financial access and securities, and discusses the difference between “Banked and UnBanked,” among many other things. Click here to take a look at the whole conversation.

Storm Internet is a proud sponsor of Angella Goran on her journey to the world record. Keep following along to stay up-to-date with the adventure!

Angella Goran doing a dumbbell chest press in a gym setting.


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