Clayton Expansion Project – Week 20 Update

by | Nov 16, 2021 | News

We are nearly done with all the private roads in Clayton! It has been a long process, but we’re glad to start connecting new customers!

This week, we are going to be completing some more fibre pulling. Once that’s finished, the team will be installing backbone fibre on the last of the private roads.

Once that’s completed, Storm Internet will be moving to Lanark Highlands.

As one last reminder, our machinery was vandalized about 3 weeks ago, and our pylons were stolen in late summer/early fall. When our equipment is vandalized or stolen, it unfortunately delays the process. Pylons are also in place for everyone’s safety, both staff and the public. If you know anything about the vandalizations that happened at the end of October, please contact Michel at 613-567-6585 ext. 250.

If you have any images of the team working on the project, send them to to be featured on our social media!

We’re Hiring!

Are you or someone you know, looking for a job? We are always looking for field technicians! We are also currently looking for help with remediation in Clayton. If you or someone you know is interested, send your resume and cover letter to

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