Clayton Expansion Project – Week 14 Update

As the weather is getting cooler, the teams are still pushing through to get the project completed by mid-November!

Last week we started trenching the expansion on Wolf Grove Road and completed it this week. Fibre pulling, followed by splicing will be the next step. 

Two Storm workers trenching in Clayton Ontario

On Friday of last week, we started pulling fibre on Tatload Road. Tatlock turned out to be more challenging than anticipated for the team. There is a lot of rough terrain in the area, which slowed down the process a little, but we are still on track for this to be completed this week. Once Tatlock is finished, we’ll be starting to pull on Wolf Grove Road.

To date, our totals on the project are: 14.6 km trenched, 7.1 km pulled, and 7.1 km spliced.

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We’re Hiring!

Are you or someone you know, looking for a job? We are always looking for field technicians! We are also currently looking for help with remediation in Clayton. If you or someone you know is interested, send your resume and cover letter to 

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