Clayton Expansion Project – Week 9 Update

We’re at the end of August, and we’re already onto week 9 of our Fibre Expansion Project. Every week, we’re working on something different. We are even starting to connect customers!

This week, the trenching process begins on Tatlock Road between Galbraith and Short while our second team works on cleaning up on 3B and 4C.

Later this week, we will be pulling fibre in the conduit on Clayton Road. 

In total, we have trenched 9,012 m, pulled 2,080 m of fibre, and 1,600 m is spliced. 

Last week, we mentioned that we are going to be starting to connect customers to the Internet. This week, we are happy to announce that we officially have 10 households connected! There will be more customers connected every week.

Other News

As mentioned before, our pylons were stolen off Wolf Grove Road a few weeks ago. The pylons are there to ensure everyone’s safety. Storm blocks off any construction sites with these pylons to prevent someone from getting injured. If you see these pylons on the side of the road during off hours, please leave them.

Storm is continuing to look for some new hires. We’re looking for some Field Technicians, as well as someone who is qualified to help with remediation in Clayton. If you or someone you know is interested, please send your resume and cover letter to

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A field technicial opening the back of a Storm Internet van. There is a generator being towed by the van. The van is parked on the side of a dirt road. The technician is surrounded by trees on a clear, sunny day.


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