The Coyotes are Back in Action!

Tournaments finally return.

Storm Internet is a proud sponsor of the Cornwall Coyotes semi competitive U14 girls soccer team. Last month, the team competed in their first tournament after two long years. A direct result of the pandemic basically shutting down the entire sportsworld.

The girls did great, especially considering they have not been able to compete in over two summers. Unfortunately, they lost all three games due to the tournament combining all levels of expertise to have enough teams to play. 

However, winning was never the main priority of the weekend. The Coyotes is a skills training league that focuses on team building, teachings, and most importantly building new friendships. It’s fun to compete in tournaments but it is also an important part of any team, because it brings people together from different communities and schools.

As COVID didn’t allow the team to play for two years, just getting to compete again was enough for the Coyotes, with many of the girls expressing that it was, “The best soccer weekend ever!”

The team has a few more tournaments this summer. Check back on our page to stay up to date with all things Coyotes.

Storm’s Committed to Giving Back to the Community

Storm is committed to giving back to the communities we serve. We believe that everyone is better off when we work together. If there is an event you think we should be a part of, get in touch with us! We are always open to new opportunities.

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