Storm Internet Helps Hope Volleyball go Cashless

There was a time when refusing to accept cash at a public event would have been seen as a terrible business move that would have no doubt lost you profits. However, “cashless” events are the way of the future and are spreading like wildfire.

Going “cashless” means your event will use POS terminals that only take debit, credit, or forms of mobile payment, like Apple Pay. You may have already heard of big-scale festivals like Bluesfest or sporting events hopping on this new trend. However, even smaller scale events like HOPE Volleyball, benefit from having “cashless” as their payment option.

This year, Storm donated a fully managed end-to-end Internet solution. Its customizable bandwidth capacity helped Hope get the connection it needed to go “cashless” for the first time.

Reasons why your event should go cashless:

  • Reduce line times and improve visitor flow
  • Boost fan spending
  • Create new opportunities for your sponsors
  • Improve hygiene and aid social distancing
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Stay in control of event funds and reconciliation
  • Understand your fans like never before
  • Improve future events with big data
  • Calculate better vendor fees
  • Put the focus back on your event

Storm Internet and Hope Volleyball

That is not all Storm helped the event out with though. Outdoor charity events like HOPE Volleyball can be some of the most rewarding events to run, but they can also be incredibly difficult.

The short-term Wi-Fi solutions supplied by Storm helped HOPE with their access control, volunteer management, volunteer registration, operations, and site planning. Not to mention, the bandwidth supplied the connection to power the Mainstage all day that was filled with Canadian talents, like July Talk.

Storm also had a team competing in Hope Volleyball this year. They won 4/5 games and almost made it to the playoffs! Check out our new TikTok account to see a video of the day.

TikTok account: @StormInternet

Commitment to the community

Storm has been sponsoring HOPE Volleyball for 20 years by supplying DSL Internet at their administration office all year round. We strive to give back to the communities we serve. If there is an event you think we should be a part of, contact us!

Group image of the Storm Internet team who participated in Hope Volleyball 2022. The team is standing on a sand beach court in front of a volleyball net.


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