Storm Internet Launches Rural Residential Internet Phone Service

OTTAWA – June 15, 2016 — Storm Internet Services, a leading provider of rural high-speed internet in Ontario, announced today the launch of a residential internet phone service using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology.

Canadians in rural areas are increasingly becoming connected consumers. They are seeking affordable and reliable alternatives to traditional communications at their homes, cottages and farms.  These consumers are driving the demand for high-speed internet connections in this digital evolution of rural communities. This demand has now evolved to the transition from a traditional home phone to a (VOIP) internet phone service that uses this same high-speed internet connection. Storm is committed to powering connections in rural areas previously underserved, and recognizes the importance of connecting all communities.

Storm is making this transition simple and seamless for rural consumers. Enhanced phone features and functionalities will be available at a fraction of the cost of traditional home phones. Consumers can continue to use their phone without any change in dialing, sound or clarity. In most cases, consumers will be able to keep their existing telephone number. The use of a simple Storm ATA adapter plugged into a home phone jack, will make digital calling more accessible and affordable than ever before.

“Storm Internet is proud to power the connections in rural communities by offering a high quality internet phone service that ties seamlessly into our rural high-speed internet services,” stated Avedis Menechian, CEO, Storm Internet. “This home phone service will allow our customers to connect like never before, with a highly reliable calling experience backed by the local customer support they have come to expect from Storm.”

Storm’s customers will also benefit from discounted bundle offers, a simple single supplier bill and access to Storm’s experienced local customer service team.  The evolution in rural communications is here, and Storm Internet is proud to power the connections throughout our communities.

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As one of Ontario’s leading rural internet service providers, Storm Internet has focused on continuous innovation and customer-driven service since 1996.  Storm powers reliable rural high-speed internet connections to both residential and small business customers in Ontario and Quebec, covering over 8,000 square kilometers of the Ottawa Valley and beyond.


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