Tips for Online Safety

In 2021, the Internet is part of our everyday life. Especially after 2020, people have started working from home, and having online zoom classes for school. We use it on our phones, computers, tablets, televisions, you name it.

Having access to the Internet is an amazing tool. It helps us learn, communicate, and keep up with the world around us.

Tips and Tricks

But, as everyone knows, there are also many risks involved with using the Internet. We want to make sure that everyone, including both adults and kids, have safe online experiences. Here are a few tips on keeping yourself and your children safe online:

  1. Use online protection tools. Purchasing softwares helps you limit what is accessible, and even limits what kind of personal information you can send online. There are even softwares out there that allow you to manage and monitor all online activity.
  2. Have a set of rules/boundaries that everyone in the household follows, such as no internet access after a certain time, or only spend so many hours a day online.
  3. Do not share any personal information over the internet. This can increase your chances of being scammed.
  4. Don’t talk to people you do not know over the internet. Stick to communication with people you know.
  5. Don’t open or answer any emails you receive that seem suspicious. A general rule to follow: if there are links in the email, or the email is not grammatically correct, it’s most likely a phishing email.
  6. Make sure children communicate with a parent, guardian, or a trusted adult if they come across anything suspicious online.
  7. Have open discussions with your kids, even if they are teenagers. It’s always good to be aware of what your kids are doing online, what apps they use, and who they talk to.

When going online, we hope that these tips can help out your household with online safety.

A man, woman, and their child are sitting on a couch. The man is holding a tablet for all of them to see.


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